Sports replica Rolex series usually use Maxi dials with Mercedes hands

Rolex is divided into two main lines, classic watches and sports replica watches. Each design will use its own style, but will still follow some general principles. In addition to the material rules mentioned above, replica Rolex's rules are also reflected in the shape of piles, the combination of needles and piles.

Sports Rolex series usually use Maxi dials with Mercedes hands. The oversized dial has large scales and is coated with the brand's unique Chromalight reflector. The Mercedes hand is a design with a large hour hand that the player said. It has a round shape with three diagonal lines in the middle. This circle is very similar to the logo of the Mercedes car brand, which is the origin of the name.

With classic luxury replica watches series, the combination will be more diversified. However, the general rule will still be the crown icon at 12 o'clock, made of gold and polished, with rounded corners. In addition, we have another important rule: reflective numbers will have reflective hands, and the same is true for dials without reflective materials-no reflections.

Thanks to this rule, we can distinguish between many different Franken watch models that are no longer assembled from original Rolex watches. For example, if you see a Datejust fake watches with diamond hour markers but reflective hands, the watch is likely to be fake.

The butterfly dial version is decorated with sparkling diamonds. The butterfly wings are revealed and finished through a beautiful mosaic method. Looking diagonally, we can see that the wings of butterflies have a unique purple luster.