Classic high-end sports replica watch

In contrast, classic Dress replica watches are made of rare materials such as gold or platinum, and sometimes use diamonds. They are compact in size and use soft leather straps. The thickness of the case is kept low and can be easily tucked into the sleeve of a shirt.

In the world of replica watches, we always need to mention historical elements. Especially the traditional and pioneering design has been remembered and respected by everyone. Royal Oak is such a leader, it has opened a new branch: high-end sports Replica Rolex.

The Royal Oak was designed by the genius Gerald Genta and is a sports replica watch with a classic watch style. The case size is just right, the structure is compact, and the workmanship is extremely fine. In 1972, the finishing of the stainless steel case was extremely difficult, and it took a lot of effort to reach the level of the Royal Oak. Therefore, the steel Royal Oak is more expensive than the pure gold replica Rolex.

Of course, not many people have enough money to buy such a replica watch. But over time, we have gradually seen the success of the Royal Oak. Thanks to that success, the boundaries of the watch series have gradually disappeared.

In keeping with the tradition of the Royal Oak series, most of the surface of the case is decorated with a matte scratch pattern, dotted with bold polished edges. The octagonal bezel is fixed by 8 hexagonal "screws". The screws must be mounted on the bracket because they cannot be screwed on the front, but are actually a fixing pin and are connected to the actual screw on the back.